Jerry with Richard ChamberlainThanks to Director Jerry London, playing John Blackthorn in James Clavell’s “Shõgun” was perhaps the high point in my long career. In his new book, “From I Love Lucy to Shogun . . . and Beyond”, Jerry brings back a deluge of exciting memories of our six-and-a-half-month shoot in Japan, . . . Jerry not only created one of the finest shows ever to grace TV, he now writes about that fabulous experience with wit and charm. – Richard Chamberlain, Star of “Shõgun”

Jerry London is a legend in our business. He writes the way he directs, with pace and energy, and tells a great story. . . . This is a glorious read! – Liam Neeson, Star of “Star Wars”

Brilliant! I couldn’t put it down. . . . This book is for anyone who has ever wondered what goes on on a set when the cameras aren’t rolling! A laugh-out-loud page turner. – Jane Seymour, Star of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”

Jerry London, one of the most iconic directors and editors of television, has given us a book that will make you laugh and understand, and bring you insight into the art of storytelling through the medium that changed the world. – Edward James Olmos, Actor/producer/director, star of “Blade Runner”

Jerry . . . is one of a handful of superheroes in my life who convinced me that hard work should have an abundance of joy in it or it isn’t worth the candle. What a great, fun-loving, attractive, good friend he was those many years ago. – Christopher Plummer, Academy Award-winning actor

Stuart Woods“Jerry London was lucky enough to land in the middle of a great era of television history and smart enough and talented enough to direct a huge chunk of it.  His book takes the reader through that era at a gallop with refreshing wit and style.  Nobody will put it down!” – Stuart Woods, Best-selling author, writer of Chiefs

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